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Businessman/woman in wholesale and foreign trade:

Wholesale and foreign trade businessmen purchase goods and re-sell them. They consult the customers about the characteristics of the goods and ensure timely delivery to the right location. They determine sources for the goods procurement and the need for goods. They collect offers, compare conditions, and conduct purchase negotiations with the suppliers. They calculate prices, process sales orders and provide invoices for the reselling of goods. Their tasks also include the processing of accounting and payment processes, as well as the processing of reclamations. They apply foreign trade and customs law regulations to the purchase and sales of goods in international trade. They conclude international transport contracts, conduct calculations in foreign currencies and handle documentary business.

The training takes 3 years.


  • High dedication and willingness to learn
  • Team spirit, contact and communication ability
  • Flexibility and organisational skills
  • Good English skills
  • Higher education entrance qualification, Advanced technical college certificate or Commercial College